Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rough, rough day

Kevin threw up a lot today. He had to pee alot too (every 45 minutes). We had a few acciendents because he was pretty drugged up and very loopy. His short term memory was shot but he was pretty patient when I didn't understand what he was saying. It is really difficult to see him so sick. Tomorrow is probably another rough day as it is the same chemo again.

Here are some pictures from this past week before going back in for chemo:


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Kathy said...

Poor Kevin, but no more cisplatin-- that's great news.

The cyclophosphamide is actually the really big guns, but it is far easier on the tummy.

I hope he feels better for the remainder. Don't take him to Harbortown on the day he gets out of the hospital-- he might end up in a sewer pipe like Steven did.

Is Jake walking yet, he is so close...