Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last round of chemo - prayers please

Kevin is officially inpatient right now for his last round of chemo. He started fluids tonight and tomorrow they will start the chemo bright and early. Kevin appears to be already showing some nerve damage in his thumbs. He tries to minimize it. Please pray that his hearing, bladder, kidneys, heart are protected through this last round of chemo. Even though it may sounds vain, please pray his hair comes back sooner than later and just as full as before all of this. Kevin mentioned a couple of weeks ago he missed his hair. He has been such a tropper through all of this. His strength amazes me. Please pray that we get all of the cancer so it never comes back.

Thank you!


Kathy said...

One more round, thank God.

I pray it is an easy one for Kevin.

Soon we want to see him heading home to start school and be with his friends.

Tell him hi from me and Steven

terri braswell said...

Way to go Kevin. You are in your last round of chemo. That is great. I hope you tolerate it well and know that Heather and I are thinking of you. You are such a strong boy. Tell mom and dad hi for us. We hope to see you soon. We are inpatient too but we are on the PCC side. The rooms in Chili's are much nicer!! Have a good day and we are praying that this round goes well for you. Much love, Terri and Heather