Saturday, August 2, 2008

Feeling a little better

I arrived in Memphis around 7 p.m. this evening, and am currently writting this entry from Kevin's hospital room. He seems to be doing ok. His fever is down, and he's not vomitting or the other. His counts are still at 0, but Dr. Hale warned us with each passing treatment his counts will take a longer time to recover. He'll be in the hospital until he doesn't have a fever and his counts are back up. He seems in good spirits, and is currently watch Spy Kids 1 movie.

I've had a pretty long day today. I woke up at 6 a.m. to stretch and get ready for the Advokate 5k. The race was a rousing success, with over 300 runners. The procedes went directly to St. Jude's brain tumor research. I met with the parents who organized the race, and they were wonderful people. Despite losing their daughter over 18 months ago, they still are fighting very hard for the cause and cure of brain tumors, specificaly in their daughters case Multi form Glioma. They did a spectacular job organizing the race. I usually start near the front, and when I turned around to see all the people before the start, it was surreal. There were 164 5k runners and close to 150 10k runners. Colleen the mother of the little girl the race honors, spoke just prior to the start of the race, and I almost lost it. My personal permformance was not good, as the hills proved to be a worthy opponent. I got 9th place but died so hard on the largest hill, that I actually had to stop for 30 seconds to catch my breath. Personal goals were secondary this race though, and even though Kevin went inpatient I didn't want to miss it. I went home for a few hours then off to the airport. I'm not sure how long I'll be here this time. Hopefully Kevin recovers quickly. We'll continue to keep everybody posted.

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terri braswell said...

Hi Eric and Kevin. I am so glad Kevin is feeling better. It sounds like you did well in your race today Eric. I have to say I admire your family and you for giving so much support to Kevin. Family is everything and in times like these is when you need them the most. I think you are a wonderful father and Kevin is very lucky to have you. You and Rachel both have shown such great strength throughout this ordeal. It is not easy. Hope Kevin has a good night and his fever stays down and his counts come up. Good night and sleep well. Terri and Heather