Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday morning

Well it's Friday morning and Kevin's watching cartoons. We're both waiting for his morning ritual of medireds to complete their morning cycle. I've been administering his anti-nausea medicine about 30 or 45 minutes before he wakes up, which seems to have been working pretty well. Yesterday Kevin and met everybody at the Peabody, although we just missed the ducks. Silly dad thought it was at the Peabody plaza were Jillians is and all the other stores. We caught the end where everbody was gathered around the ducks already in the fountain. We did miss the marching of the ducks down to the fountain. Afterward we went to Jillians, the game place we've been to several times before. I made a deal with Kevin that if he ate, I'd get him a $10 game card. Kevin ate very well, finishing 3 cheese sticks. We had a lot of fun playing games together, and they gave him a free baseball hat as well. We went back to Rachel's appt and took a nap before they got back from their sight seeing tour. Finally we went back to the Target House where Kevin asked what there was to eat!!! This was such a welcomed thing to hear. He ended up having some beefaroni, of which he ate 90%. He had a great night. We watched the olympics together and he really seemed to enjoy it. As we watched Track & Field I explained to him how daddy ran track for many years. Of course he asked why I'm not a the Olympics with everbody on t.v. We also watched the mens Beach Volleyball finals. He really enjoyed this as well, commenting several times how tall the American players are (the front row blocker is 6 ft 7). We're off to our Friday appts soon. His first appointment is at 9:45. I'm anxious to hear when his final round of chemo starts, and of course the results of his ultrasound on his splean. Overall he's feeling quite well. He's not the slightest bit nauseated this morning.


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