Monday, August 4, 2008


As Eric mentioned when Dr. Hale told us what Kevin had, and how surprised he was Kevin wasn't in ICU, we are ever thankful for those praying for him and for God sparing him so far.

Today Kevin and Scotty spent most of the afternoon in the play room playing with Lego's or playing the game Life. Our friend Pam is here to help me this week and she was a huge help!! I would just get Jake almost to sleep and Kevin would have to go to the bathroom, she jumped right into action and was a huge help. She is really good with the kids and I can see Scotty taking a liking to her. Scotty and Pam were going to go to Target House for the camp they have going on in the evening this week but Kevin really wanted Scotty to stay and Scotty didn't want to go if Kevin couldn't go. I am so glad to see them supporting each other through this.


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Laura said...

I'm so happy he's in such good hands. We continue to think positive thoughts and say prayers for him. Stay strong all of you and continue to be positive :-)