Monday, August 4, 2008

Pretty lucky

Dr. Hale came in around noon today and gave Rachel and I more specifics on the type of infection Kevin has/had. It seems as I mentioned earlier that it's more commonly found with leukemia patients, and it's also a very aggressive infection when not treated quickly. Lucky for Kevin the infection was treated quickly and has not shown up on the cultures since Friday. Apparantly this type of infection is one that can be quite dangerous, sometimes traveling to the heart, lungs and brain. We're thankful St. Jude is diligant and admits kids immediately with a fever. His first round of chemo when he had a fever, and we ended up staying a few nights in the hospital with no infection. Having had this infection, that now seems like time very well spent. Dr. Hale stressed that he should be out of the woods at this point, and as soon as his counts are up he can leave. We're very thankful that the infection caused Kevin little or no harm. Although he's been admitted 3 times between chemo rounds, Kevin's been very lucky as far as side effects go. Outside of the nausea, lack of appetite and lack of energy, thus far he's bypassed the many more severe chemotherapy side effects. He even woke up ealier then I did this morning, and has played video games, had school, and went to physical therapy. we hope and pray this last upcoming round spares him of any complications. He's in a pleasant mood, and the current time of 8 p.m. he's not tired, even after arising this morning at 8 a.m. Hopefully we'll get good news tomorrow morning with his counts.

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