Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blood Transfusion for His Birthday

Kevin started his birthday at 9:30 am with Physical Therapy. Kevin, Scotty, Jake. Grandma Skousen and I finished the day off in the medicine room with a blood transfusion. This time it wasn't that bad and we got out of the hospital at the reasonable time of 8pm. We missed picking up Jake's antibiotic for his ear infection by 15 minutes at the pharmacy across town! So poor Jake (and me since I am the only one who ever gets night shift with him) is suffering through another night with his ear infection until we can him on his meds.

Overall Kevin was pretty ho-hum about it being his birthday, but who can blame him? I appreciate all those who called to wish him a happy birthday and let him know even though he had to spend it in the hospital it still was a special day.

Scotty is having a really tough time not feel betrayed by his older brother Kevin choosing to give all of the cool toys everyone sent (to donate to the treasure boxes at St. Jude) when he could give the toys to him if he really doesn't want them (this whole thing just confuses Scotty). After a lengthy discussion about why Kevin is doing this and that for his birthday he can do the same thing (we get him one big toy and he donates the rest) I am hoping I got through but more than likely I will have to rehash the whole thing one more time. Scotty almost always thinks of Kevin first when he get a new toy and almost always insist that we get Kevin one of whatever he gets. So I just think, like most adults, Scotty just feels overlooked and undervalued by his big brother he admires so much. It is a very adult feeling for a 5 year old to try to understand.

Last week each one of the kids came down with something or had something go terrible wrong. And now this week each of them is on their own course of medicine and treatment. Don't they know I am one person? Shouldn't this be a one at a time type of thing? Well at least I appreciate Jake for sticking to something like an ear infection, which is common and treatable. As for the other two, I hope next year the worst we get from them is a mild case of the flu!

So last week Kevin and Scotty couldn't see eachother for a couple of days while we got Scotty's rash all figured out. I really get the feeling some of the adults around Kevin and Scotty don't understand how important their relationship is to Kevin's healing. It strikes me as odd how we maybe able to understand how important our brothers and sisters are to us, but to understand, nuture and protect that relationship for our children seems like quite the different thing. By Friday of last week they were both verbalized how much they missed eachother and all day today Scotty kept telling the family who called, "I am staying with my big brother Kevin for a long time!"

A mom would needs a trip to some distant tropical island,

PS There was talk today of Kevin going in for his last round of chemo this upcoming Saturday....so we will see!

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